Department of Information Technology and Communication


Department of Information Technology and Communication


1. Introduction

2. Mission Statement

3. Educational Objectives

4. Core Competence

5. A Letter from the Chairlady to the freshmen

6. Career path

7.Cooperation Company

8. Department website

9. Department Chairlady

10. Contact with us

 ※ Introduction 

Welcome to the Department of Information Technology and Communication at Shih-Chien University, Kaohsiung Campus. This department was established in 2004 for training the next generation students who major in information technology and communication networking. Our department offers IEET (Institute of Engineering Education Taiwan) accredited B.S. degrees in science to undergraduate students each year.

※ Mission Statement   

In order to complete the objectives of the department, we have arranged a series of innovative courses that emphasize the application of design and learning in practice. For example, we have designed courses covering the following topics: App development for Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android operating systems, drone applications, and household/Industrial robot design. These courses were created with two focuses in mind, mobile and smart home applications.

After graduation, students pursue careers in a variety of fields. Such fields include mobile App development, network deployment and management, NFC system development, remote sensing, drone design, 3D interactive multimedia design, digital media broadcasting, and other ICT related industries.

Please take time to visit our website,, or visit us in person to see the possibilities available in this growing, student-oriented department. These are exciting times, and we wish to share our enthusiasm with you. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

※ Educational Objectives

資通系-競賽得獎  資通系-民航局無人機考場  資通系-感恩饗宴義式PIZZA

資通系-KUKA機器人   資通系-專業數位收音及錄音設備

Our major educational objectives are as follows:

  1. To enhance the capability on commercial application and value-added service of information and communication
  2. To cultivate students with positive work attitudes and disciplines while upholding lifelong learning
  3. To foster the accomplishments on Humanities Science, artistic and ethics

※ Core Competence

  1. Industry competence in terms of information and communication technology, mathematics, and business
  2. Familiarity with application design in information and communication systems
  3. The comprehensive ability to apply computing techniques and analytical data
  4. Refined abilities in collaborative endeavors relating to project management and system development
  5. The ability to apply scientific logic when approaching problems relating to information and communication technology
  6. Rigorous work ethic and personal drive for success in an ever advancing and competitive learning environment
  7. The ability to employ socially responsible ethics in a professional environment

※ A Letter from the Chairlady to the freshmen

Greetings! Freshmen!
First, I would like to give you a warm welcome on behalf of Information Technology and Communication Department (ITC). Congratulations on entering Shih Chien University, the way to make your dreams come true. The following 4 years would be an essential period of your life, an enriching, beautiful experience in terms of academic, personality, even emotional. Therefore, we hope you can take your time before the school start and plan your life in the university.

Board of Science and Technology, Executive Yuan:

there will be a manpower shortage of 83 thousand people in the information technology and communication industry by 2030.

Information from 104 Job Bank:

graduates in the information technology and communication field starting salary average reached above NTD $40,000 per month.
The choice of “department” is more important than the choice of “college”:

Congratulations! For your admission for entering the Department of Information Technology and Communication (ITC), Shih Chien University. We are looking forward to finding students who are the most suitable for our department instead of students who are the most academically achieved. The information technology and communication industry are still in bloom. In my conversation with some of the leaders in the workplace, concerns about the lack of manpower are often expressed. There are many IT job vacancies on major job search websites. We have stepped into an era of Internet of Things (IoT) where everything is connected, plugged onto the Internet, and collected into Big Data in order to make an intelligent decision, which is a creative application of combining information technology and internet communication. Therefore, I am delighted to tell you that you have made the right choice - ITC of Shih Chien University which is a career path that offer a relatively high pay and opportunity (referring to 104 Job Bank).

Four streams of our department (studying at least two of them to meet the graduation requirement):

  1. App Design: a course on iOS and Android platform applications, covering from design, development, testing to publication. The course is qualified as the only "iCAP level 4" Application designer career-oriented course by Workforce Development Agency, Ministry of Labor, open to external students.
  2. Smart Robot: The stream emphasizes utilization of knowledge and application designs for service robots and industrial-grade robots. We support our students in their career by introducing Industry 4.0 and smart production, including industrial-grade Germany KUKA robotic arm in our teaching.
  3. UAV Application: The stream emphasizes Learning by Doing and cultivates talents in UAV flight and application designs. Our campus is the only UAV academic and flight operation skill testing location in Southern Taiwan commissioned by Civil Aviation Administration while our department is an organizer.
  4. Artificial Intelligence: We cultivate talents in designing man-machine interface applications; further in developing intelligent information systems. The stream includes AI related subjects like machine learning, deep learning, pattern recognition and voice recognition.

More than historic “Industrial Design”, Shih Chien University also provide innovative “Program Design”, let’s study with happiness and learn being happy. Freshmen! We are going to accompany you with your study in ITC. Study with happiness and learn being happy. Besides, share your happiness to others. More importantly, your development depends on your attitude, and your attitude would decide how far you can get. We are looking forward to seeing you know more about yourself, actualize your potential and make commitment, for a delightful future.

Don’t hesitate to contact us via the following ways so we can communicate with ease:
1.    Department Chairlady: Anne Wu (line ID: 0935890579, FB: Anne Wu) 
2.    Department Website:
3.    Department Phone No.: +886 7-6678888 (Ext. 4330-4332)
4.    Freshmen Line Group: 111級 實踐大學資通系
Please scan the QR-code below…

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 Career path:

Information industry related occupation like "Multimedia Web Designer", "Application Designer", "Robot Software Developer", "Industry 4.0 automation system integration Engineer", "UAV Software, Hardware Design Engineer", "UAV Operator", "Information Project Manager","Big Data Analyst" etc.

 Cooperation Company:


3 ADEN Information Co.,Ltd. 4 NEWEGG TAIWAN,INC.
5 Lion Travel Service Co., Ltd 6 BOX DIGITAL Co., Ltd
7 HAMASTAR TECHNOLOGY CO.,Ltd 8 Taiwan Swarm Innovation Inc.
9 Wise Tech RobotSim Ltd. 10 GREAT MOBILE TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.

 Department website

 Department Chairlady:

       Anne Wu (line ID: 0935890579,FB: Anne Wu)

 Contact with us

Tel: 886-7-667-8888 (Ext. 4330-4332)

Fax: 886-7-667-9999